Our Bamboo Fabric

Women's Bamboo Underwear

Why does it matter?

Bamboo fabric feels softer and is more durable than cotton. It is also known for its natural antibacterial properties, but what's most notable is its unusual breathability, moisture absorption and coolness.

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing, less-thirsty plants in the world, making it a sustainable source of fiber for apparel fabrics.

Why is ours the best?

We built countless prototypes to find the best balance between fabric weight and stretchiness. The fabric we selected is stretchy enough to comfortably wrap your bum, but still light enough to make you forget you're wearing it.

Bamboo fabric is only manufactured in China. We selected an eco-friendly knitter that meets all international standards.

We use our bamboo fabric for our Bras and Undies.