Fabrica Social

Helping women make better, smarter choices should not be limited to your lingerie purchases. At White Rabbit, we are also passionate about women empowerment and advancement. Through our partnership with Fabrica Social, you can help women prepare for smarter occupational choices. 

Women Empowerment.


Fabrica Social is a social enterprise based in Mexico City with an incredible mission at hand: to drive sustainable economic development by empowering communities of female artisans. They currently work with 7 rural communities, providing training on creative design and business administration.  


Women Empowerment.


Fabrica Social also helps position the resulting products in the market and ensures that they are fairly valued, providing a sustainable economic alternative to women and enabling them to become self-sufficient.


Fabrica Social.

Together, you and White Rabbit can help Fabrica Social empower more women.

A percentage of every purchase you make will support their most recent project in Hidalgo, Mexico, where 30 women will learn how to design new products and command fair prices. 

If you want to make a direct donation, go to Fabrica Social.